Vocational-Technical Education

Vocational and Technical Education (Vo-Tech) prepares students to enter the workforce immediately after graduation or to pursue further education at a community college or university. We combine classroom instruction with work-based learning experiences and personal leadership development to help ensure a dynamic workforce for the future.

Thank You, “Ray Board”

We are the proud recipients of Ray School Corporation’s (the Ray Board) educational trust funds. Every year, because of the generosity of Frederick L. Ray, East Haddam Schools can offer students vocational and technical resources and programming to meet the growing demands of a 21st-century workforce.

Each December, school officials meet with the Ray Board to discuss the allocation of $300,000 to fulfill Mr. Ray’s wish “to do really big things educationally.” Through the years, these funds have provided laptop computers, a Mastercam CNC machine, the Vo-Ag bus, a music room lab, $14,000 in annual scholarships, salaries for vocational teachers, funds for our work-study program, and much more for the students of Nathan Hale-Ray High School. The Corporation also funded the equipment in the high school technology wing, which was renamed the “Ray Wing” in his honor.

We are grateful to the members of Ray Board for volunteering their time to manage this tremendous gift from the Frederick L. Ray Trust.