Our Transportation Department is responsible for the safe and efficient transport of students and district employees. Our bus drivers follow all state regulations regarding school bus operation and traffic laws. You can rest easy knowing that your child’s safety is our top priority.

During the first week of school, it is not uncommon for delays and route adjustments to occur. Please have children at at their bus stop five minutes early, and be patient with these initial delays.

Bus Rules

Riding the school bus is a privilege, not a right. We enforce bus rules to make travel to and from school as safe as possible. Please be aware that we monitor video and audio on all district buses to ensure our drivers and students abide by these rules.

  1. Do not throw objects inside or out of the bus.
  2. Noise should be at a level acceptable to both the driver and/or coaches.
  3. Keep the bus clean, and throw trash in the proper containers.
  4. Remain in your seat.
  5. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  6. No glass containers.
  7. Keep the aisle clear.
  8. Do not compromise the safety of yourself or others.
  9. Students will follow directions given by the bus driver and/or the coaches.
  10. The school, bus driver, and/or coaches are not responsible for personal items left unattended on the bus.

Transportation Changes

If your child needs to ride the bus to a location other than their home stop, please submit a Transportation Change Request. Changes take 48–72 hours to take effect, so plan ahead. Bus changes submitted during the first two weeks of school can take up to a week to process.

Bus changes are permanent except in joint-custody cases. Students below fifth grade may not ride a different bus for play dates or other non-emergency situations. High school students may ride different buses throughout the week to accommodate work schedules and other after-school activities.

If you need other accommodations, please contact your child’s school office.