Smart Start Preschool


Help your child get a head start. Enroll them in preschool!

We are pleased to offer preschool programming to the families in our community. Children who are three or four years old may attend Smart Start at our elementary campus four or five days a week. 

Three-year-old children must turn three before September 1 of the year they will be attending.

Integrated Preschool Program

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Our program is designed to meet the needs of preschool-aged children with diverse learning styles and developmental needs. However, we also enroll children who demonstrate developmentally appropriate language and social skills to participate in our classes as "learning partners." The program is free of charge, but parents of learning partners are responsible for transportation.

Three-year-olds attend morning preschool Monday through Thursday. Four-year-olds attend afternoon classes Monday through Friday.

Smart Start Preschool Program

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Our Smart Start Preschool program offers full-day, full-week preschool experiences to three- and four-year-old learners. This affordable, tuition-based program combines age groups, yet still offers differentiated learning to meet the developmental needs of each age. 

We give priority enrollment to families whose income is less than 75% of the state's median; we fill the remaining slots by lottery. Parents are responsible for transportation.

We determine preschool tuition on a sliding scale based on your family’s household income using the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood Fee Schedule. Families at or below 75% of the state’s median income qualify for reduced tuition costs. If you believe you may qualify for reduced tuition, please contact East Haddam Elementary School at (860) 873-5076.

Full tuition is $6000 and billed in monthly installments of $600 per month (prorated for families who start preschool after the first of the school year). The first tuition payment is due upon enrollment acceptance.

Weather Emergencies

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We announce all emergency school closings and weather delays through Parent Square and our local television and radio stations. Please ensure your contact information is up-to-date in our system so that you receive these notices.

Parents, please have an emergency childcare plan in place for unexpected weather delays and closings.