New to Special Education

Dear Parents or Guardians,

The faculty and staff of your school are committed to recognizing the individuality of children/students, and supporting their growth to becoming independent, creative, and productive lifelong learners. A component of this commitment is to make available for students specialized educational services to allow your child to realize this goal.

Special education can be overwhelming, especially to parents and guardians who are not familiar with all the terms, processes, and paperwork that accompanies it. We understand this, as all of us have lived it ourselves at some point, either in our professional lives, or our personal lives. We are here to not only support your child, but you, in navigating and participating in this process.

I hope that you find the resources on our website helpful to you. In addition to these resources, please do not hesitate to reach out to your building principal, a member of your school’s special education staff, or myself to provide answers to questions or support along the way.

In Partnership,

Joshua Martin
Director of Pupil Services