Celebrating Student Success

Middle school is a time of discovery and experimentation, but it’s also a time of tremendous self-doubt. So at Nathan Hale-Ray, we like to celebrate success! Each marking period, students earn distinctions for academic excellence, character development, and successful habits—all positive behaviors tied to our focus on “actions, attitudes, and awareness.”

Honor Roll

Our school honor roll celebrates fifth through eighth graders who have performed diligently in the classroom and received high marks in each subject. The criteria to earn honor roll distinction is:

  • High Honors: Grades of A- or higher in all classes
  • Honors: Grades of B- or higher in all classes

Hale-Ray All-Stars

In addition to the academic honor roll, we recognize students in all grade levels for strong academic and character behaviors such as preparation, active learning, and positive conduct. We celebrate all students who meet or exceed expectations for these behaviors in their classes on the Hale-Ray All-Stars award list.