Ray Board

Ray School Corporation (the Ray Board)

Every December, school officials meet with a group known as the Ray School Corporation. Commonly called the “Ray Board,” this group is composed of nine individuals charged with managing a trust established through the generosity of Frederick L. Ray, a wealthy and successful East Haddam businessman. Mr. Ray passed away in 1926 and left $536,000 to the town of East Haddam. His wish was to improve vocational education opportunities in the town of East Haddam.

In his own words, Mr. Ray wanted to “do something really big educationally for East Haddam.” This continues to be the focus of Ray Board, almost 100 years after Mr. Ray’s death.

The Ray Board Trustees

Lisa Berube
Jim Curtin
Peter Dean
Lisa Domorod
Kathleen Michalski
Bonnie Ohlendorf
Richard Parker
Patrick Staffaroni
Peter Weston

East Haddam Public Schools is very fortunate to have this additional, unique source of funding. Mr. Ray’s private endownment provides many of the vocational and technological resources available in our schools today. Through the years, the fund has provided laptop computers, a mastercam CNC machine, the Vo-Ag bus, the music room lab, $14,000 in annual scholarships, salaries for vocational teachers, the workstudy program amd much more. The Ray School Corporation also funded the equipment in the technology wing of the high school when it was built in 1994. That area of the high school is called the “Ray Wing” as a tribute to all Mr. Ray and his fund have done for the high school.

Today, the Ray Board Trustees are local citizens and employees of the Bank of America who are charged with managing the Ray trust fund. School officials meet with them two times a year to discuss the funds and their use. Dedicated to honoring the wishes of Mr. Ray, the trustees oversee upwards of $300,000 go to the Nathan Hale-Ray High School on an annual basis. These funds are put to good use as we seek to strengthen our vocational and technology programs. We are grateful to the members of Ray Board for volunteering to help manage the tremendous gift from
Frederick L. Ray.

East Haddam Public Schools are proud to be part of a system bearing Mr. Ray’s name. We are able to continue “to do really big things educationally” thanks to his generosity.