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Thank you for taking time to enjoy reading through our curriculum Online. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call your child's building principal for information.

Our curriculum provides students, teachers, parents, and administrators with the road map for what we want students to know when they complete a course and/or a grade level. Our highly skilled teachers use their creativity and skill to support our students' unique journeys of learning.

Themes will emerge as you read the through the documents presented. One of those themes is an interdisciplinary approach to curriculum. Therefore you should not be surprised when a second grade unit incorporates learning outcomes and standards in science, math, and language arts. This integration supports students to build connections between the subjects and prepares our students for the real world that is a giant web of thousands of subjects. Another theme is the 'Big Ideas' that we want our students to grapple with. These 'Big Ideas' are captured in the essential questions at the beginning of every unit.

The curriculum is dynamic document that is regularly reviewed and updated. The curriculum is peer reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that it incorporates that which we learn from our students, the latest standards, and leading edge teaching techniques. Feedback from parents and the community is welcome and will be used during the review process. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for reviewing our curriculum!


Brian S. Reas
Superintendent of Schools