Audience of Citizens Answer Portal


The Board of Education provides the option of an email version of Audience of Citizens at this time because we are limiting the numbers of audience at Board of Education meetings.

Please read the following carefully as it pertains to the guidelines around Audience of Citizen participation both in person and through email.

The Communications and Audience of Citizens is an opportunity for the citizens of East Haddam to briefly and respectfully express their thoughts, concerns, and questions to the Board.    Any written comments/materials must be given to the Board Chairman and may be distributed at a later time only after comprehensive review.  The Chair may halt public comment at any time if the comments include specific or otherwise personally identifiable references to board employees and/or students. No discussion occurs during this portion of the meeting.  The Chair or his designee will respond to all questions in a timely and appropriate manner at a later date.

The purpose of Audience of Citizens is for citizens to communicate their concerns to the board members while the meeting is in session. 

Written emails and/or letters are subject to all the above conditions.  The chair or his designee will share written communications with the board members at the meeting and may read them aloud only if the board members have not previously received the communication.  Please know that no emails will be read that contain political views and opinions. 

Regular and Special Board of Education meetings are a meeting of the Board Members that occur in a public setting as opposed to a meeting of the public with the board.  Audience of Citizens is an optional agenda item that the board can choose to use to solicit community input during the meeting.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with the board.


Marc Pisciotti, Chairman

East Haddam Board of Education

Audience of Citizens questions can be sent to: [email protected]